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Thank you all who send us the most loveliest engagement stories! We have now selected two winners! Below you can read the first tear-jerking love story. The other winner will be published next week. Xx

 Hello Minna,
I have two engagement stories (lucky me) I was proposed twice by my wonderful partner in crime Craig. The first one is bittersweet as it holds sad memories as well as good however our second one more than made up for it with some funny hitch's!
Craig and I had a only been together for just a little over a year when he proposed, our first year was magical and very passionate and I felt I had known him my whole life, we were meant to be from the get go.
Craig had been working full time in retail as well as being his mothers main carer, his mother Michaela had a stroke when he was 20 so his priority was looking after her (he wouldn't let her go into a home) we spent a lot of time together the three of us during the weekendsand Craig had a particularly special bond with his mother, they were very close which made me love him even more as he has such a sensitive soul and loving heart. We found out Michaela had cancer just before Christmas, because of her stroke she was unable to speak apart from guttural tones so being able to communicate how she was feeling was often difficult. She was put straight into hospital as the cancer was already spreading. 
This was the time in which Craig first proposed to me, it was in January and we had gone for some drinks with friends, Craig didn't want to go back to his mums house alone as he found it so difficult so I said I would come back with him and we should get a bottle of red wine and just chill out and unwind. We got back to the house and cosied down for the evening sipping (slurping) on red wine and listening to our favourite prince and bowie records it was such a nice intimate night of just the two of us listening to music and talking about everything and anything so deeply. As I was rambling on, Craig stopped me in my tracks and said 'I have wanted to do this for a while but thought I should wait, but I can't and I know this isn't well timed but it is perfect timing.' he carried on with ' Mum being terminally ill in hospital should really scare me and my life should feel like it's about to end but I feel that when I am with you everything is going to be okay, and as long as I have you then nothing else matters because we can get through anything the good and the bad' he then got on one knee in the living room and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes and we carried on drinking wine to celebrate.
I am a terrible bride to be and find a lot of the wedding planning quite overwhelming, Craig and I decided to go find my engagement ring together making it as simple experience as possible but I couldn't find one and it seem so unfair to be excited and happy when his mother was so unwell we decided to put it on the back burner as we couldn't cope with the pressure of making it happen when we weren't in the right frame of mind to make it happen. 
Michaela passed away on good Friday 2012, four months after being diagnosed with cancer, it was a horrifically hard time especially for Craig but like he said to me when he proposed we will get through the good AND the bad. Craig moved into my house I shared with my girl friends and we all looked after him while he grieved, we had already booked a city break to Barcelona before his mother passed away and were in two minds whether we should go or not, we decided that a break away and to get out of the country for a little bit would be very welcome so we headed to Barcelona in July 2012. Craig proposed for the second time on the 9th July 2016 and it was so special. I had already been to Barcelona so Craig knew I loved the city already, when we arrived we pottered around the gothic quarter but Craig kept mentioning going to the beach to watch the sunset, I couldn't understand why he was so adamant to go to the beach when he hated the sea! We took a stroll down to beach and I played in shallow waves and we just sat talking on the beach, it was quite quiet with only a handful of locals swimming and some teenagers playing their guitars and bongos and I felt so peaceful and happy after such a stressful start to the year.
This is when Craig proposed for the second time! He turned to me and said 'this is how I should have done it the first time' he made me stand up so he was still on the sand, he went on one leg and said some really sweets words about how much he loved me and why he loved me(which I cant remember exactly as it was such a surprise!) he told me he had wanted to bring me to the beach because he knows that being by water is my happy place (I've always lived close to lovely coastlines Brighton/Norfolk)  he then finished with the question again 'will you marry me' but this time he pulled out a little box and inside was the sweetest ring, I couldn't have pick one better myself. It's a really really plain simple thin gold band with the tiniest diamond in the middle. When I look at it, it reminds me of when we were young and didn't have any money we were constantly scraping money together to have adventures, Craig has said that he will buy me a new one but I don't think I could ever part with it as it means so much to me. Craig told me after he proposed that he wanted us to get too the beach to watch the sunset over the sea but he didn't research this before so when we arrived the sun was setting behind us over the city!! I had no idea but Craig said he died inside as what he had envisioned hadn't happened, ho ho ho! But I couldn't fault it regardless of what direction the sun was setting...
We have been engaged now for four years and FINALLY will be getting married this summer, July 23rd. I cannot wait! 
The past five years have been wonderful - filled with incredible trips across Europe, staycations, festivals, we finally moved to London which was our dream and both have better jobs then when we first got engaged ( I was still an art student just about to graduate from university!) so many joyous memories to look back on and hopefully many more to come! 
Although my engagement story isn't glitzy and glamorous they were both very special to me because they were so personal and only Craig and I understand the importance of them, especially the first one. The second one is as glitzy and glam as I will get, sat with my toes in the sand looking out across the sea just Craig and I. <3
I hope you enjoyed our story, I feel like I rambled on for ages but it felt so nice writing it all down especially the first proposal as I usually don't tell people this one when they now ask how he proposed just because it feel so personal to our story and also I'm sure people don't want to hear us ramble on.
Have a lovely day!
Best wishes,
Holly X


Edit: Check out her wedding pictures from HERE